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Adenium Obesum (Desert Rose) 沙漠玫瑰 
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Aglaia Odorum (Chinese Perfume) 米蘭
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Alocasia Cucullata (Buddha's hand) 佛手蓮
Residences in Thailand place the plant in the front doors, and when the breeze arrives, the leaves of Alocasia is like Buddha's hand waving peace and good luck into the house.

Sizes available: 4", 6", 8" and 12" pots.

Cycas Revoluta (Sago Palm) 蘇鐵
This plant is originally from Japan and southeast China. Cycas are one of the oldest living plants families in the world. This living fossil is used often both in landscape and interior-scape.

Sizes available: 4", 5", 6", 1 gal, 8", 3 gal, 5 gal, 7 gal, and 15 gal pots.

Draceanna Angustifolia 細葉百合竹
Great interior plant or patio plant for southern region, thin fine leaves creates dramatic view makes this plant easy to ship.

Sizes available: 2gal, and 3 gal pots.

Draceanna Moonlight 夜光竹
The clear cross marking on cane makes it stand out more than Lucky bamboo, grows in peat moss, hardy and low light tolerant.

Sizes available: 4", and 5" pots.

Draceanna Massangeana 巴西鐵樹
Mass Cane is well known and popular for Asians to give a gift for grand openings, open house or house warming present.

Sizes available: single stem 5", 6", 1gal, 2gal, 3gal, 2 stems unit 2gal short and tall, or 3 stem unit short and tall.

Ficus Macrocarpa (Gen-Seng) 人參榕
This plant has the look of bonsai without the hassles of bonsai; it has the raised root shape like Gen Seng (the medicinal herb), you do not mist the plant at all, hardy and low light tolerant, will make a great gift for bonsai lovers.

Sizes available: 3.5", 5", 6", 8" growing pots, the ceramic pots also available.

Hoya Kerrii (heart shape leaves) 心葉毬蘭

Pachira Auqatica (Money Tree) 發財樹

Plumeria 雞蛋花
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Assorted succulents 多肉植物

Serrisa Joponica 六月雪

Zamiocalcus Zamiifolia (ZZ plant) 金錢樹